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Public Attributes

cfg Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Attributes

int accel
char accelhost [256]
unsigned int accelport
int accelusrhost
int aux_proxy_ipv6
int backlog
int bind_ipv4
int bind_ipv6
int ccount
int childs
char chroot [256]
int daemon
char dbdir [256]
char file [256]
int first
unsigned long gid
char ipv4 [256]
char ipv6 [256]
int kalive
int logrequests
int nowarn
unsigned int port
char proxyhost [256]
unsigned int proxyport
int syslog
int to_con
unsigned long uid
int unr_con
int use_ipv6

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1 of file cfg.h.

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